Walton High School Girls Golf Team
7A - Area 3
Coach: Dr. Richard Myrick

AUDREY STASKO - Junior / Class of 2020

Golf Stats:
Lowest Score 18 holes - 81
Lowest Score 9 hole match/tournament - 38

High School Golf:

2018 and 2019 First team All-County

  2019 7A State Championship - Team placed 5th (score 93-87)

2019 Area 3- 7A Tournament - Team placed 3rd (score 88)

 2019 Cobb County Championship - Team placed First, individually placed T4th/51 (score 87) 

2018 7A State Championship - Team placed 6th (score 86-85)

2018 Area 3- 7A Tournament - Team placed 4th (score 86)

2017 All-County Honorable Mention

2017 Area 3- 7A Tournament - Team Placed 4th

Varsity  Letter Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Year

Individual Golf:
 2017 Georgia Junior Golf (Atlanta) - 10th Place Club Division

2017 Georgia Junior Golf (Atlanta) - Two 1st Place and Two 2nd Place finishes

2016 Junior Club Champion for Indian Hills CC - 9-hole division

Personal Life:
 Audrey is invested in the well-being of animals, volunteering her time and energy to raise funds for various causes. In her free time, Audrey enjoys cooking and baking.
 Audrey takes a rigorous course load with AP and Honors core classes. She is interested in both the visual arts including design, drawing, and painting, as well as healthcare and medical-related studies. Audrey takes part in different clubs at Walton, including Raider Rescue, Helping Hands, and Bake for Benefit.